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Wire-haird Vizsla

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Today’s portrait was a beautiful wire harded vizsla.  The client wanted this photograph as the main image, minus the scarf, with two smaller versions of her at each side in 16″ x 12″ / 40cm x 31cm.  I absolutely love the main photograph, such a stunning girl, she looks so gentle, thoughtful and feminine.


This was my initial idea, two full bodied versions of her at eash side.


However the client rightly pointed out how small her face had to be in the full bodied images, which caused a lot of detail to be lost.  I changed the two smaller images to head shots.


A lot more detail could now be seen in the smaller faces.


I thought they looked a little adrift from each other, and wanted to bring them together, so I added a splash of background colour just to make it complete.


Faber Castell pastel pencils and Unison soft pastel on Daler Rowney Ingres pastel paper.  16″ x 12″/40x30cm 2015

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