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Learn to Draw a Hungarian Vizsla

artist dog drawing course learn to draw vizsla vizsla art vizsla drawing

I regularly receive messages from people who are interested in learning to draw, or from people who used to draw or paint but due to busy times spent working, raising a family or something else they haven't drawn in many years and are lacking the confidence to start again. I firmly believe everyone can learn to draw, and through teaching evening classes and short courses I've seen this to be true even of those who have never drawn before and are sure that they can never learn. I tried to reply with advice whenever I could, but as these emails were getting...

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Wire-haird Vizsla

a paintintg a day artist gillian ussher art hungarian vizsla painting perpetual portraits pet portrait ussher vizsla wore haired vizsla

Today’s portrait was a beautiful wire harded vizsla.  The client wanted this photograph as the main image, minus the scarf, with two smaller versions of her at each side in 16″ x 12″ / 40cm x 31cm.

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