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Learn to Draw a Hungarian Vizsla

artist dog drawing course learn to draw vizsla vizsla art vizsla drawing

I regularly receive messages from people who are interested in learning to draw, or from people who used to draw or paint but due to busy times spent working, raising a family or something else they haven't drawn in many years and are lacking the confidence to start again. I firmly believe everyone can learn to draw, and through teaching evening classes and short courses I've seen this to be true even of those who have never drawn before and are sure that they can never learn. I tried to reply with advice whenever I could, but as these emails were getting...

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New Work - Hungarian Vizsla

dog gift vizsla

This is Rua. Rua has been a member of our family since November 2014 when she came to us from Vizsla Rescue. Like too many dogs, she had a very difficult start to life. Vizsla Rescue had so much understanding of her needs, and they did absolutely everything they could do to help her in the best way possible that they ensured the moment they collected her was the end of her ever being misunderstood again. They continue to give help and support whenever we need it and I will never be able to stop thanking them from the bottom of my heart...

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Bix the Hungarian Vizsla

dog vizsla

Bix’s portrait was commissioned by as a birthday gift, so I’ve had to be very secretive about sharing any updates in case I spoiled the surprise. He is a gorgeous Viszla, and although the client sent a number of photographs this was her favourite and mine too, as it really shows his gentle nature and handsome features.   Bix’s reference photograph.  I decided to crop the bottom part of the photograph and the collar was omitted at the client’s request. The background in the reference photograph was stunning, and I was delighted when the customer requested to include it. I began...

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Choosing the right photograph

dog gallery vizsla

As portraits, especially pet portraits, can rarely be done from life a huge part of creating a portrait that a client will love is choosing the right photograph.

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Ordering for Christmas

christmas christmas gift ideas dog gift ordering for christmas wildlife xmas

To guarantee Christmas gifts arrive on time, I will stop taking orders for commissions in late November/early December.  Read more...

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