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Ordering for Christmas

christmas christmas gift ideas dog gift ordering for christmas wildlife xmas

To guarantee Christmas gifts arrive on time, I will stop taking orders for commissions in late November/early December.  Read more...

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Wire-haird Vizsla

a paintintg a day artist gillian ussher art hungarian vizsla painting perpetual portraits pet portrait ussher vizsla wore haired vizsla

Today’s portrait was a beautiful wire harded vizsla.  The client wanted this photograph as the main image, minus the scarf, with two smaller versions of her at each side in 16″ x 12″ / 40cm x 31cm.

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Five thrifty ways to frame and display artwork

A professional framer can make a piece of art look beautiful, impressive and complete. For original art, it is highly recommended to go to a professional framer as different mediums require different methods of framing and it is all too easy to destroy artwork when framing without the right tools or knowledge.  Other artwork however can be framed easily with some time, a few basic materials and a little inspiration.  Here are five cost effective ways to frame or display artwork yourself.



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