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Gillian Ussher Art

Learn to Draw a Hungarian Vizsla

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Learn to draw a Hungarian Vizsla with pastel.

The course is divided into 5 main sections, with video clips, detailed instructions and a Facebook group where you can share your progress and receive further support.

Although there is no specified time given to the course, it will probably take about 20 hours to complete.

The focus is on learning to draw without any aids such as grids, tracing etc, so the skills taught in this course will be valuable for drawing in general.


Materials required

  • Pastel pencil in the following colours:

Black, White, Burnt Ochre (Vizsla colour, reddish brown), Burnt Umber (dark brown), Burnt Sienna (dark reddish-brown), Dark Naples Ochre (darkish yellow), Ivory (light cream) and Light Flesh (dull pink).

  • White soft pastel
  • Pastel paper

These courses can be purchased individually or you can purchase a subscription to receive one course each month.

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