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Tutored Courses

These courses offer one on one support and guidance. Each course runs over 6 weeks, and throughout that time I will be available through email and the course Facebook group for anything you might want explained further or just for general feedback. I am always happy to offer further demonstrations or lessons broken down into smaller steps, and provide detailed feedback when required.

Learn to Draw your Dog is available in two difficulties - Beginner and Advanced. While the Beginner course is suitable for those with no drawing experience, the Advanced course requires basic drawing skills. If you are in doubt as to which course would suit you, feel free to get in touch at

While both Learn to Draw your Dog in Pastel and Learn to Draw your Horse in Pastel are suitable for beginners, they do not spend a lot of time on basic drawing skills so are recommended for those with prior drawing experience. Bother of these courses make a perfect follow on from the Learn to Draw your Dog Beginner course.

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As these courses offer one on one feedback and support, places are strictly limited. 


Short Courses

Each short course focuses on a single project. Although not tutored, there is a Facebook group specific for each course to share progress, experience and support.

These courses can be purchased individually or you can purchase a subscription to receive one course each month.




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