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Ordering artwork for Christmas 2018

Thank you for your interest in ordering art for Christmas. It feels wrong to discuss Christmas at the height of summer, but every year I turn away a lot of commissions so I thought it best to give as many people a chance to order as possible before I am booked up.

Here are the options available for ordering early, along with special offers and payment plans.

Pencil Sketches

Pencil sketches contain enough detail to capture a pet's character but are simple and small enough to make them less expensive than oil or pastel portraits. Available either framed or unframed, with free worldwide shipping.

Although these do not take nearly as much time as oil or pastel art, they are very popular and I expect I will have to limit the amount of orders I can take before Christmas. At the moment however, (I'm writing this in early August) there is need to book early. When I am getting close to taking final orders for pencil sketches, I will send out another email to this list.

With all portraits, as an incentive to book early you can take a 15% discount on any size with the code EB15 until August 31st.
Book a Pencil Portrait

Pastel Portraits

Pastel is the most popular and most commonly ordered medium. It can offer the same level of realism and character as an oil portrait, but takes far less time which makes it more affordable. 

Last year I had to stop taking bookings for Christmas orders in early September, and this year has been even busier. I would recommend booking as soon as possible, if you're not ready to commit to the full cost you can place a 20% deposit. If you'd like to place a smaller deposit or are unsure of the size you would like then you can send a holding deposit of £10 (or the equivalent in your currency) through here. 

With all portraits, as an incentive to book early you can take a 15% discount on any size (including orders through payment plans or deposits) with the code EB15 until August 31st.
Book a Pastel Portrait
Place a Holding Deposit

Oil Portraits


Oil portraits are booked up until 2019, so I have removed the listing online to avoid any confusion. If you are interested in booking for after this date you can contact me, otherwise the listing will be back up in early 2019.

Gift certificates are an option if you wish to gift an oil painting, prices start from £155 for an 8" x 8" size.
Enquire about an Oil Painting

Gift Certificates

Last year gift certificates were very popular, so this year to avoid long delays in 2019 they will be limited. 

Depending on availability, until September 30th gift certificates will be available at a 20% discount. Simply send your request through here, stating the value or product which you would like a gift certificate for, and you will receive an invoice for the value minus 20%. 
Request a Gift Certificate

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for any product. Simply pay what you like, whenever you like and your order will be shipped to you once full payment is received. This won't affect any discount codes or offers.

To set up a payment plan, click here to submit your first payment and in 'notes' please reference the product or artwork you are ordering along with your name.

For alternative payment methods or any other queries you can get in touch at or reply to this email.

Set up a Payment Plan